Yaas! I'm back

Yaaaas !!! I am back






I could hear the silent voice of my pen calling out to me from a distance. I will tell you guys the truth ehn, I really missed writing. It’s been a very long while you’ve seen me here. For the months I was away, well, I write a little here and there on my Facebook wall. 


But now, I am back and better. You don’t need to worry, just stay tuned.


The major highlight for me for the time I was silent here was my training as a baker. My training as a baker came as a blessing in disguise. Despite how much I loved anything that looks like cake, I never thought I would be able to pursue it as a passion.  I mean, my work is there, the blog is also there and I was considering taking writing as a career. 

I called it a blessing in disguise because the opportunity came for me during the lockdown period last year. In the midst of working from home and receiving a slashed salary, I decided to give baking a chance.


Saying it was an easy journey for me would be a fat “lie”  because it wasn’t. There were so many constraints that showed up.


Before the thought of going for the training came to my mind, a friend of mine called me telling me of how she wants to go into Fashion Designing and at the same time still maintain her 8am – 5pm job. I can remember vividly trying to encourage her to go after her passion against all odds. It only took me to drop the phone after speaking with her to realise I had been speaking to myself indirectly. Boom! I started.


You see, as long as you can imagine it then it is achievable. Do not allow fear hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself. Do not allow “what if” be the obstacle between you and your dream.


What is that one thing you would do if you were not afraid?


Yes! That very thing you would have done if all things were equal. 


Go after it and do it. If it means doing it afraid, DO IT AFRAID.

Mary Talabi

Hello dear friend.

I am Talabi Mary Ayodeji, my friends call me Oluwamary.

To the glory of God, I am a daughter of the Almighty.

I am an Accountant by profession (A Chartered Accountant in the making).

Asides writing and cooking, I love to read amazing stories and articles. Also,
I am a writer and a copywriter.

I have passion for everything about teens and young adults especially. I am a lover of happy Christian marriages.

You will surely find amazing Christian stories, inspirations and poems on my blog.

It’s nice meeting you.

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