The Christian Wife - Episode 10 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji



Episode 10


Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji


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It’s been five (5) years since that day at the hospital. Cole’s parents called for a family meeting immediately they got back home after spending some days with Mr. & Mrs. Akinlabi. As soon as everybody including Cole was present at their living room, Cole’s father took the floor.


“I greet you all my elders of this family. I also greet every of my children present here. I do not want you to start wondering the reason this family meeting is called for.” He uttered.


Several nods were seen coming from the other family members. Cole looked sideways to his elder brother and sister sitting beside him to see if they knew something he did not know.


Cole’s father continued;


“Forty (40) years ago, I stood before you all, except my children obviously, to express my desire to get married. I was informed of the tradition of the special rites. Olori ebi (head of the family) made me to understand that the rites were to protect and shield every of our children from sickness and sudden death.


My wife went for the special rites. Truly, none of children fell sick. Upon realizing that the rites were good, we passed same to our children.”


Before he could continue speaking, the olori ebi exclaimed, “You did it well. And that is how it should be.”


Cole’s father looked round at the faces of his family members.


“Just last week, our little Ifeoluwa of Mr. & Mrs. Akinlabi was very sick.”


The murmurs that followed were loud enough for Cole’s father to hear but he continued speaking.


“The doctor couldn’t diagnose her sickness and suggested we take her away from the hospital.


When the special rites failed in its potency, just when we had all feared that we will lose her, the power in the blood of Jesus took control. Today, our girl is hale and hearty.”


“Today, I have come to say just as Joshua proclaimed 2000 years ago that As for me and my family, we will serve and love the Lord wholeheartedly.


By the power in the blood of Jesus, Cole and Sarah’s wedding will be taking place. Sarah shall not go for any special rites.”




“That was how the strange tradition and special rites were stopped never to be heard of. Surely there was enough ranting when Cole’s father declared that Cole and Sarah shall be wedded without the special rites.” Old man grinned at the little children before him who were listening attentively to the story.


“But Old man, did Sarah and Cole have any child together?” A teenage boy asked out of curiosity.


Old man laughed and replied him;


“God opened Sarah’s womb five (5) years after their wedding with a baby girl and a set of twins two years.”




“Old man, you did not say anything about Sarah’s colleague, Sade. Did she get married to another man?”


“Well…” he started.


“Sade’s husband came back home and reconciled with his wife and daughter.”


“The power of a praying woman cannot be under-estimated in the lives of Sarah and Cole.”


“Yes! Yes! I agree with you, Tolu.”



***The End***

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