The Christian Wife - Episode 9 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji



Episode 9

\Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji
The atmosphere in the hospital room changed. A gentle breeze swept over the wardroom. Spreading its gentleness across the room, it also carried a special warmth and feeling that engulfed everyone in the room.
Ko s’oruko to dabi ti Jesu…
The song rang and echoed in the wardroom where they were.
Who is that? A faint voice whispered, struggling to be heard despite the singing going on the room. Obviously, the song woke the old woman up from her deep sleep.
Sarah immediately began praying in the spirit. It wasn’t long before Cole joined her. It was as if a current passed through him and he immediately started praying.
When had he prayed in this manner last? From the time when his mother had told him about the rites that needed to be performed, he had avoided prayer like a plague. He did not feel confident enough to even study the Scriptures. He had also stopped speaking with his prayer accountability partner.
But in that moment in the wardroom, he felt the surge.
He felt the fire rekindled in him.
Rising from the kneeling position he was, he spoke with his eyes that they all interlock hands.
After they had prayed for a while, the doctor came in to remind them that they were in a hospital room. As the doctor turned to leave, the old woman who shared the ward room with Ifeoluwa called out to him.
“Doctor!” She said faintly.
The doctor couldn’t believe his ears. He moved towards her to confirm it the old woman who spoke.
“How are you today, mama?” He asked, though, he wasn’t expecting an answer.
She smiled at him. “I don’t know yet. But I think I am better.”
She spoke again.
His jaw dropped.
He wouldn’t have believed if anyone had told him that the woman smiling at him was the same woman who was brought in unconsciously three (3) weeks. She had not opened her eyes nor regain consciousness for the past three (3) weeks she has been in the hospital.
He was only waiting for the approval of her son to stop treatment for her.
But she spoke and smiled at him.
Still trying to process the healing of the old woman, he called a nurse to attend to her.
Joy and laughter filled the room when the doctor announced that Ifeoluwa is medically okay and whatever illness she had has suddenly left her.
Sarah and Mrs. Akinlabi enveloped each other with Mrs. Akinlabi shedding uncontrollably tears of joy.
“My little Ifeoluwa can eat and play like before.” Cole’s mother said carrying Ifeoluwa on her laps.
Before they left the hospital, the doctor thanked them.
“I have seen miracles happen before. But I haven’t seen a miracle as this. I mean, I don’t understand how the old woman was brought back to life without having direct contact with any of you.
Truly, there is no name as powerful as the name of Jesus.”
As Sarah turned the knob of her door, her phone beeped.
“I got a text message from my husband saying he is sorry, and he has missed his family. I am so happy he is finally coming home. We talked today at a restaurant.”
A message from Sade.
Episode 10 comes next.

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