The Christian Wife - Episode 8 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji



Episode 8


Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji


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“The doctor siad we should carry her away since they are unable to diagnose her illness.” Mrs. Akinlabi said as soon as she was out of the doctor’s office. Tears were shimmering in her eyes and they fell on their own volition.


“To where?!”


“He said that my baby…Ife…Ife…should be taken to a native doctor.” She said finally.


Sooner had the words left Mrs Akinlabi’s mouth that the entrance door flew open suddenly with a force and Cole’s parents bursted in. Without an iota of patience in Cole’s mother, she stopped to ask the reception. She had not said a word before Mrs. Akinlabi shouted to her mother.


“M-o-m! You lied…to me!” Crying profusely, Mrs Akinlabi shouted from the waiting room that they all were.


Cole’s mother sprinted towards her daughter immediately her eyes scanned the hospital to know where her daughter’s voice rang from. Fear gripped her.


“M-o-m! You lied…to…me!” Mrs. Akinlabi said again, not willing to keep quiet.


Her husband tried to hush her and guided her to her seat but she refused. She fought her husband with her hands as he kept leading her to the chair. Cole had to assist him as she wasn’t willing to keep quiet.


Confused as to what she may have lied about, Cole’s mother stood abruptly and helplessly in front of daughter. She took a long hard look at her before putting her arms around her. The wails of Mrs Akinlabi filled the waiting room.


She took hold of her daughter’s by the arm, shook her and said, “What do you mean by that?”


“I never wanted to go for those rites but you insisted. You said the rites were performed to make a wife fertile.


Mum! You told me it will keep my children from sickness and death. But now, my little Ifeoluwa is lying down inside and the doctor do not have any idea as to what is wrong with her.”


Confused, Cole’s mother said nothing but kept on pleading with her child.


Sarah watched on.


What could be going on?


Has the rites failed them?


“Mama, my child must not die o.” The angry voice of Mrs Akinlabi’s husband shook everybody in the room.


Nobody was concerned about the stares they were getting from other visitors and the nurses any longer.


Nobody noticed Sarah had left them in the waiting room to go into the ward where the little Ifeoluwa was. She was beginning to not take it anymore.


She sat on the chair beside the bed and took the child’s hand. Her hands were cold and lifeless.


Not knowing what else to do, she began to sing.

There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain, to break every chain.


Sarah kept on singing while holding the little Ifeoluwa’s hand. By now, she was on her knees.


As she sang the next song, the room opened suddenly. They stopped talking at once anf stood at the entrance as though they had saw something.

Sarah’s voice held more power as she sang oblivious to the entrance of the other family members.

Ko s’agbara to dabi ti Jesu (There is no power as that of Jesus)

Ko s’aggara to dabi ti Baba (There is no power as that of the Father)

Ko s’agbara to dabi ti Jesu (There is no power as that of Jesus)

Agbara, agbara, agbara to ju agbara lo. (Power that is greater all other powers.)


Hearing not only her voice singing, Sarah opened her eyes to see that everybody has joined in singing. They linked hands together and kept on singing.


Ko s’oruko to dabi ti Jesu (There is no name as powerful as the name of Jesus)

Ko s’orukoa to dabi ti Baba (There is no name as powerful as the name of the Father)

Ko s’oruko to dabi ti Jesu (There is no name as powerful as the name of Jesus)

Oruko, oruko, oruko to ju agbara lo (Name that is above every other name.)



Episode 9 comes next.

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