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Episode 7


Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji


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The rest of her day went swiftly that she forgot to put anything to her mouth throughout her day at the office. Her mind kept wandering to the baby in the hospital.


Sarah was already on her way out of the house immediately she dropped the call with her husband-to-be the day before.


It would take her not later than 6 hours to get to the hospital from her parents’ house where she had spent her weekend.


There was no way her parents could allow her to go as it was already getting late. She had made up her mind to go to the hospital immediately she closed from work the next day.


“Will you permit to share the good news I have with you?” The sound of her colleague friend, Sade, brought her back to reality.


The smile on Sade’s face went wide when she saw that she had gotten the attention of her friend.


“Over the weekend, I was invited for a Bible Study with some other women. So, I gave my life to Christ last weekend.” She said and colors spread to her cheeks.


With her hands covering her mouth, Sarah went straight to hug her friend where she sat.
“Awwww… Finally! I am so happy for you, Sade. My everyday prayers have been answered at last.”


“But while I was in the midst of those women, some married, something changed within me. It was as though an heavy burden was lifted from my heart.


I forgave my husband for every of his wrongdoings towards I and our baby girl. I also felt led to text him, letting him know that I have forgiven him. I no longer hold any grudges against him.”


The tears flowed freely on Sade’s cheeks. She mumbled something and accepted the handkerchief Sarah passed to her. She continued.


” I learnt a lot of my mistakes and also told him to forgive me. Through he did not reply me, I know I have released and forgiven him from the depth of my heart.”


As Sarah drove to the hospital she prayed silently for her friend.


“Father, please take care of Sade and her daughter.”


Immediately she entered the hospital, she sighted Cole where he he sat with his sister and her husband. Waving a hand to the receptionist on duty, she went straight to them.


No words could come out of her mouth as she stared at the grief in the little child’s parents’ eyes. Different tubes were connected to the baby as she slept peacefully on the bed. Her face who used to be once cheerful and full of life is now grimacing in pain.


A little girl, she thought.


Pray wth them!


She recognized the voice immediately it spoke to her standing in the hospital room.


“Who would be willing to pray in the midst of this pain egulfing everyone? How could she even think of prayer?”


She shook the thoughts away and said a word of prayer in her heart.


“Who is the mother of the child?” A nurse said.


Everybody stood up at once to answer her. “No! Only the mother. The doctor wants to see the parents of the child.” She said and walked briskly back to the office she came out from expecting the mother to follow her.


The rest of us sat down back slowly. Only the father remained standing, pacing the hallway.


Everybody stood up again and waited to know what the doctor had said as the sound of the door is heard.


Mrs. Akinlabi, the mother of the child only shook her head and looked straight at her husband.


“The doctor siad we should carry her away since they are unable to diagnose her illness.”


“To where?!”



Episode 8 comes next.

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