Episode 6


Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji


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The longing look on Sarah’s face as she switched off her phone did not escape her father’s notice as they all stood together to pray in the parlour. It was becoming evident that Sarah loved Cole very much.


“It is time for WAR” her mother said without an iota of doubt.


Her father took over, “Our prayer is not against Cole neither is it against his parents.


Ephesians 6 verse 12 says that our wrestle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


Take the enemy back to where he belongs and that is under your foot.


Now let’s pray.”


The rest of the day and the next was spent praying at her parents’ house. She has never felt so charged up in prayer the way she felt goosebumps at their place. It is during times like this that she is most grateful for the gift of parents.


She whisphered as she raised her heads up, “Thank you for the gift of parents”.


Her mum had ensured that no food touched her mouth until evening after they had another round of prayer.


It was after she had finished eating her food the following day that she remembered to put on her phone. Cole would have been trying her number and must be getting worried. She had not even explained to him the reason she was unable to go for the rited.


Cole picked up the phone on the second ring.


” You are just thinking it right to call me today after you put everyone of my family standing thinking you will make it for the rites.


So what is your excuse?” Cole said.


He didn’t even bother to say a word of greeting, Sarah thought.


She then prayed silently for God to touch his heart and take control before she spoke.


“I had a dream, Cole. I will explain better to you when we see. I just put on my phone. By the way, how are you?”


“I am in the hospital. My elder sister, Aunty Sayo, called me this morning. Her 2-year old baby is very sick.”


“What! Sick?… A 2-year old baby?…”


“In fact, the doctor could not diagnose the sickness. Noone can say exactly what is wrong with her. It’s been so exhausting and tiring.”


Sarah heard a shout in the background before Cole hurriedly told her, ‘We will talk later.”


“The special rites rites is for your own good. It will make you fruitful and keep every evil or sickness away from your children.” The words of her mother-in-law came back to her.


Could it be that the rites has failed in its potency?




Episode 7 comes next.

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