The Christian Wife - Episode 3 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji



Episode 3

Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji


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Had she really heard from God?


Why didn’t God show her this? Maybe she would have prepared better.


But, she had always thought a godly marriage is without challenges or problems. 

Were her thoughts wrongs?


“A penny for your thoughts, Sarah.” The sound of the voice of her friend, Sade, brought her back to the present from her thoughts.

Her mind seems to be racing a mile a minute even as she sluggishly looked at the person standing before her. Her expression dulled as she remembered that Sade is a divorcee and a single mom. 

Her husband deserted her to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional playboy. Sadly, he never realized that his wife was enough for him.


Day after day, her colleague friend would hope he’ll show up at their house like he usually does when he comes home after work. Sarah had accepted that her friend had given up on her marriage. But, her thoughts went wrong the day she met Sade in the toilet praying in tears for the eyes of her lost husband to be opened.


Sade still hoped her husband would come back home after five (5) years that he had left home. 


“What a wife!” Sarah thought.


Bang! Bang! Bang! 


Sarah jumped up gasping for air. 


“What happened?” Sarah sounded scared and covered her face with her hands.


Sade shook her head. 


“Well, I had to get your attention. You don’t seem to still be in this office. 

Whatever it is that is disturbing you this much, please pray about it. Take the stress off your shoulders. Your marriage is settled already.  Besides, our wife should not be so bothered.”


“Thank you Sade. I will pray about it. But what do you do when you are praying about something and God hasn’t answered you and you need to make a decision?” Sarah asked, turning red in the face.


Sade was caught off-guard by the question. She took a long look at Sarah as though she might see what’s wrong on her face. 


“You have to keep praying. It’s possible God has already spoken but our fleshy emotions are getting in the way of hearing Him. Fix your eyes on him, friend, and you will see what He has been trying to show you.”


She stood up at once, grabbed her handbag from where it laid beside her and made to go for the door.


“Thanks, Ore. See you tomorrow.”


Cole had informed Sarah he will come and pick her up from her workplace to go have dinner at their favorite restaurant.


This might just be the perfect opportunity to do the right thing.


She is ready to go all out for her marriage. 


They got to the restaurant earlier than expected. All thanks to God that there was not much traffic. Cole guided her to their favorite spot, after which he went to get their food and drinks.


“I will bless the food now.” Cole said, dropping the tray of food on their round table. 


Sarah watched on as he bowed his head and closed her eyes. She did the same.


“Dear Father, we thank you for this opportunity. We ask that you’d bless the food. As many that are hoping to have food to eat, please provide for them and many more.”




“Erm… Cole. I have decided to go with you. Can we make it this weeked to go for the special rites? You know, time is not on our side “


Sarah blurted before she lost the courage to do so.


Episode 4 comes next.


Sarah had always thought a godly marriage is without challenges or problems.

Mary Talabi

Hello dear friend.

I am Talabi Mary Ayodeji, my friends call me Oluwamary.

To the glory of God, I am a daughter of the Almighty.

I am an Accountant by profession (A Chartered Accountant in the making).

Asides writing and cooking, I love to read amazing stories and articles. Also,
I am a writer and a copywriter.

I have passion for everything about teens and young adults especially. I am a lover of happy Christian marriages.

You will surely find amazing Christian stories, inspirations and poems on my blog.

It’s nice meeting you.

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