The Christian Wife - Episode 2 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji



Episode 2

Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji
Everything was going fine until she received a phone call early in the morning on Friday as she was dressing up for work.
Her hands shook as she saw the name that appeared on the screen of her phone.
My mother-in-love.
She must be calling to find out the reason she had not gone for the rites Cole talked about.
“Mummy! Ekaaro ma. How was your night ma?” Sarah said while trying to apply the Mary Kay Foundation she just got from the last fashion trade fair she had attended.
“I slept well, my dear. How are the preparations going at your side there? I got the clothes you sent. Thank you o”
Sarah blushed. “Mu-mm-y. Anything for you ma. You are already a second mother to me. It’s my duty as a daughter to take care of you.”
“You have done well, my daughter. That reminds me, when will you be coming here for the special rites? My son must have told you everything. You know time is not on our side again.”
The color drained from her face.
“Erm. Actually, Cole discussed with me and I made it clear to him that I don’t think I can go for the rites. We should keep our faith in the Living God ma.”
“My daughter, I won’t lie to you. I did more than you are doing during my own time. But eventually I had to give in because I don’t want any tradition to come between me and my husband. To the glory of God, things went fine, and I had 3 amazing children. So, you see, there is no harm in it. If I as a deaconess in my church can do it, then you have nothing to worry about.”
Her eyebrows rose. It had never occurred to her that her mother-in-law must have partaken in the rites before she was able to get married.
“I have heard you mummy. I will pray about it.”
The laughter of her mother-in-law echoed over the phone.
“You children of nowadays that are just getting saved are proving to be more spiritual than your parents that have spent many years serving God. Must everything be prayed about?”
Sarah almost felt the urge to remind her mother-in-law of the part of the Scripture that says we should be anxious for nothing but pray about everything.
“Anyway, pray and be fast about it. There’s only a week and few days left for the special rites to be done. I hope you do remember he is my only son. I’ll leave you now so you can get ready for work. I will be expecting you here very soon.”
“Okay mummy. My regards to everyone at home.”
The rest of the day was a battle for her at work. Her concentration was gone immediately Mummy Cole dropped the call in the morning.
Her voice gave her away on the phone.
Sarah had called her parents to inform them that she would be coming over for the weekend. Her mummy, fondly called as Mumsy by her children, was quick to sense that something was wrong with her.
As she drove over to her parents’ house, she thought back to the discussion she had with Cole. Although they had communicated after then, the communication has been strained. It must be taking much of him to not bring it up again.
How long would it be before he asked her again?
The journey to her parents’ house was beginning to look like a long one. It is usually a one hour-thirty minutes’ drive.
As Sarah drove along the streets of Epe, she called out to greet the women owners of the shops in the streets who knew her. Well, almost all the trader in the street knew her.
“My daughter will do no such thing!” Sarah’s mum, Beatrice, had said after Sarah narrated the matter to her and her husband. Akin.
“Daddy Sarah, can you imagine? When we met the parents of Cole at the introduction of our children, I saw the shadow of darkness hanging around. I just couldn’t place my finger on what was wrong.”
Lost in thought, daddy Sarah did not give his wife a reply to all what she was saying.
Sarah broke into tears while her mum kept on talking.
“Do you know that my very good friend, Mrs. Clement? She fell victim of tradition many years ago. She confided in me during one of our talks.
She was told that she needed to get pregnant before she could marry her first fiancé then. At first, she hesitated but finally gave in.
Her husband refused to marry her when she got pregnant. He claimed he needed to test the product he was buying and since he did not like it, there will be no wedding.
All of my friend’s pleas fell on deaf ears despite that she was already two months pregnant. It was God who brought Mr. Clement her way.”
Sarah’s eyes widened. She looked at her father hoping to get some soothing word to the fear that is already building up in her.
“Sarah, you don’t need to worry. God will take control. Remember, when all is not making any sense to you, go back to God. Go back to reconfirm what you’ve heard.
It’s the Lord’s battle. Let Him fight it.”
Episode 3 comes next.
What do you think of what Sarah’s mother-in-law said?
Must everything be prayed about?

Mary Talabi

Hello dear friend.

I am Talabi Mary Ayodeji, my friends call me Oluwamary.

To the glory of God, I am a daughter of the Almighty.

I am an Accountant by profession (A Chartered Accountant in the making).

Asides writing and cooking, I love to read amazing stories and articles. Also,
I am a writer and a copywriter.

I have passion for everything about teens and young adults especially. I am a lover of happy Christian marriages.

You will surely find amazing Christian stories, inspirations and poems on my blog.

It’s nice meeting you.

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  1. OTUONYE Blessing says:

    The battle is truly of the Lord!

    1. Yes sis.

      It’s not our battle to fight.

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