The Christian Wife - Episode 1 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji




Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji




“Don’t tell me what to think!”


“It’s just three months to our wedding and you are here telling me of some family tradition to be done before the wedding takes place.”


Sarah said amidst tears. Broken and shaken, she sat on the cushion besides her husband-to-be dejectedly.


After some minutes she moved to the sit directly opposite her and turned her face so she wouldn’t have to see his face.


She remembered how joyful she had felt the day she called to inform her parents that Cole had proposed marriage to her.


She had asked him of anything and everything about his family that she should know. Surprisingly he had become offensive and told her, “My family may not be a devoted Christian family like yours. But we sure don’t have any secret idol we worship. There is no secret to hide. And you are very safe”. She wondered if he had lied to her then.


“I didn’t lie to you Sarah. And I did not try to hide anything from you.” Cole’s words jolted her back to reality. Give it to him to read her mind and decipher what she’s thinking. That’s one of the many things she loved about him.


She wished he couldn’t read her so plainly like that at this moment.


“Remember I just came back from seeing my mother just last weekend. She called me to come home urgently because she wanted to discuss something important.”


“Yes and I told you to tender my apologies to her for not accompanying you.” Sarah remembered the text message he sent to her on that day.


Putting his hand through his hair using his left hand, he did not seem happy. He does that only when he’s nervous about something.


Taking a deep sigh, he stood and went to the window, staring outside at nothing in particular.


After a while, he turned back to her spilling the news.


“It was actually a meeting with my parents, our eldest uncle in the family and his wife. They said that It’s time for the usual rites to take place before any wedding. According to their calculation, the rites for any incoming wife should be done within the next two weeks. It is the custom that she is not told of it until when it’s time.


So, you see, I was also kept in the dark. I do have the right to be angry and frustrated just as you do”


Sarah felt sorry for misjudging him. But before she could say a word, Cole continued.


“In my family shrine, there is a special rite that must be conducted for any new wife to be wedded into the family. She won’t be accepted into the family as a wife if the rites are not performed for her.


I was told that this is usually done to enable the spirit of fertility to rest upon the lady, so she won’t be barren.”


Sarah immediately felt weak and numb as though she were going to faint. She wished the ground could open and swallow her up.


What has happened to her fiancé?


Who has deceived her ever-vibrant Cole?


How many times has she admired the way he speaks the scriptures? Countless!!!


What has happened to him whose prayers does miracles?


What has blinded the truth from his eyes?


In a low voice she said to him, “Are you saying the wedding is cancelled? It’s just three months away!”


“No Sarah. All I am saying is that you should come along with me to the village so the rites can be performed.”


“God forbids it. Over my dead body will any such be done on me.”


“Calm down honey. We both know that we are meant for each other, right?”


Tears rolled down Sarah’s cheeks freely.  Her marital life with Cole and how they met each other was amazing. God surely played a big role in it. It’s still a testimony to her. God had sent Cole to her at a time in her life when she really needed him.


“Obeying the tradition doesn’t mean that you are going to bow to their god. It means just obeying tradition. Tradition and custom cannot be replaced because they are for our own good.”


Sarah stared at her husband, dumbfounded.


“What has light got to do with darkness? Nothing Cole. Absolutely nothing. It is God who makes one fruitful and gives children. He has been leading us all this while, let Him take full charge. Let Jesus be the center and head of this marriage.”


“I know and agree with you. Jesus is still leading us. But custom and tradition needs to be done. All that is needed now is for you to go and do as it has always been done so it can be as it has always been for us. I wouldn’t want you to barren in my home.”


The words rang out of Cole and I looked up from where I was seated on.


“What if I stand my ground and not go for the rites?”


“Uh… Erm… Then I don’t know what may happen to US…”




Episode 2 comes next.

What would your advice to Sarah be?

Should she go for the rites or lose her marriage to Cole?



Mary Talabi

Hello dear friend.

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    Go where? What has light got to do with darkness?

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