The Christian Wife - Episode 5 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji



Episode 5


Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji


Read Episode 4 here.


Sarah woke up from her sleep abruptly. Taking a look at the wall clock dangling on the wall, she saw it was thirty minutes past ten o’clock in the morning. It dawned on her that she overslept. She had tuned the settings of her alarm to not ring on weekend days.


Her mouth opened wide as she saw a light come up on her phone as a notification of a new incoming message.


Twenty-eight missed calls and ten messages. All were from Cole.


Sarah, are you okay? Why are you not picking your calls?


Please be fast. We are running late. I’ll be waiting for you.


Please tell me what the problem is. My mum has been calling.


What is going on Sarah? Have you changed your mind?


Are you serious about this marriage?


She put off the light from her phone hoping she will call him later. He must be very angry right now and she is not in the mood to deal with his questions.


What excuse did she want to give for waking up from her night sleep at 10:30 am the next morning?


She had put her phone on silent to avoid disturbances from her sleep and now, she was three hours late. She and Cole were supposed to go to the village for the special rites today.


Remembering the dream, terror overtook her face as she tried to wonder what that dream meant.


Bing. Bing. Bing. Her phone rang.


“Hi mummy!”


“Sarah, can you come over today? I and your father need to discuss something very important with you. I had a dream. We will be expecting you.”


“I’ll be there very soon.”


Is God trying to tell her something?


If not, He wouldn’t give her and her mummy the same dream overnight. She had barely sat down at home when her mummy mentioned again that she had a dream.


By the time her mum had finished saying the dream she had, realization dawned on her that it is the same dream she had. It then occurred to her the reason she has been having an odd and scary feeling to go for the special rites. She knew deep down in her heart that she ought to not go for the rites.


But how else was she supposed to get married to Cole if she did not go?


Cole had said it all. Also, his mum made it clear the last time she called that the rites are very important to their family. Being the only son of his parents, they would go at any length even if it meant marrying another wife for Cole.


She looked on as her mum stood up to go get her Bible from the room she shared with her father. Her mum had always been the prayer warrior of the house.


It was her mum’s prayer that had brought her back to the Lord seven years ago when she strayed away. Her mum never saw that her only daughter was drinking, smoking and sleeping around with different men.


All her mother saw then was the devil trying to get her daughter. She would spend several days and nights on her knees praying for her dear daughter to find her way back to God.


And God’s mercy did find her and brought her back home.


The words of a book Sarah read came back to her as she sat down in the living room of her parents. The last book she read was authored by Priscilla Shirer.


“We don’t have the luxury of playing nice with prayer. Not if we want to be free from whatever it is that keeps us held back and held down. Not if we want our husbands and children living out what God has called them to do and be and become.”




Sarah felt the urge to pray.


“Don’t just sit down there and be thinking of prayer, Sarah. You want to pray, then, start praying.” Her father’s words triggered her.


She stood up and brought out the scarf she’d kept in her handbag and tied it on her head. Just then, her mother came in to join them stretching out her hands to Sarah and her father so they could hold hands.


“Sarah, it’s high time you start fighting back. You know, the enemy has come too close and we need to send him back.”


“Yes, and you can only send him away from your place of prayer.”


Sarah nodded her head affirmatively at her parents and said, “It’s time for war.”


The sound of her phone ringing caught her attention.




The name stared at her blankly.


Sarah saw the frown on her mum’s face and bent down to switch off her phone.


It is time for war.




Episode 6 comes next.


When do you draw the battle line with the enemy?

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