The Christian Wife - Episode 4 By Talabi Mary Ayodeji



Episode 4


Written By: Talabi Mary Ayodeji


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“Erm… Cole. I have decided to go with you. Can we make it this weekend to go for the special rites? You know, time is not on our side ”


Sarah blurted before she lost the courage to do so.


Cole’s face lightened up with a smile.


“Thank you, Sarah. I will call mummy to let her know we will be coming this weekend. They can begin to make every necessary preparation for the special rite.” Cole said, raising hands to heaven showing appreciation and singing.


“I’m glad you were finally able to make this decision. It was not supposed to be a tough decision as you can see. I was beginning to think I would lose you.”


“Anything for you, Cole. I have accepted it is a sacrifice I have to pay for our marriage. And I am fully ready to pay the price.” Sarah said convincingly.


Maybe she was trying to convince herself rather than convince Cole. Her mind began to drift away from the conversation they were having.


She couldn’t concentrate any longer.


She wasn’t even listening to whatever her husband-to-be was saying any longer.


She needed to go home.


Cole kept on talking about how his day had gone and how happy and sure he was that God led them to each other. For the sake of Cole, she forced herself to put on smiles. She didn’t want him to worry about her or ask what’s wrong with her.


She has no idea as to what is wrong with her too.


It must be a slight headache, she had thought.


After they had eaten their food and talked for a while, Sarah apologized and pleaded that Cole should drop her off earlier than planned.


Two days have passed since Sarah agreed to go for the special rites. She still can’t shake off the bad feeling that surfaced that day at the restaurant.


They had agreed to leave for the village very early as seven (7) o’clock the next to avoid traffic.


She kept consoling herself by telling her subconsciousness that her going for the traditional rites is a sacrifice she must pay for her marriage with Cole.


Afterall, it was God who led them to each other.


What if the sacrifice is too much to pay?


What if she doesn’t pay such a sacrifice?


While the thoughts kept coming to her, she fell asleep on the cushion and had a dream.


Sarah was in a garden tendering and caring for a special plant. The way she moved and watered the plant was with expertise as though the plant was made for her.


Within a twinkle of an eye, she was in a bondage of chains and being sent out of the garden by a strong man. She couldn’t see his face as he was so huge.


Turning her face back to her plant, she saw Cole also tied down to a spot. His look was trying to tell her that he wished to free her, but he has no power to fight that strong man.


The man kept pushing her out till she was out of the garden.


Before the strong man could lock the gate of the garden, Cole shouted loud enough for Sarah to him, “Sarah, you can’t fight him on your own. He will kill you.”



It’s unlike Sarah to be late for an appointment.


Three hours has gone past the time she and Cole had agreed to go for the traditional rites and she hasn’t shown up.


I have tried calling her number, but it is not going through.


What may be wrong with her?




Episode 5 comes next.


I need to ask you a question.


“Is there any sacrifice too much to be paid for one’s marriage.”

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