The Train Movie By Damilola Mike Bamiloye



At last I got to watch the new movie released by Damilola Mike Bamiloye on the 3rd of May 2020. The movie is based on the true-life story of Daddy Mike Bamiloye filming from his childhood till his ministry life. Also, in the movie is the story behind ‘Mount Zion Ministry”.

It was so power-packed and has so many lessons therein. Personally, my jotter was so full and I knew that I had to share my lessons with you all.

  • Do not wish for the kind of life anybody lives. It can be harmless to say, “I wish I am Mrs. A” When a child was asked to take the role of Goliath in the movie, he bluntly refused because he knew the ending story of Goliath – Goliath did not have a happy ending. Many times, we are caught up wishing to be someone else or be in their shoes but my dear, if only God showed you their weakness, flaws, story you will appreciate God for your story.


  • As a parent, never neglect the complain of a child. No matter how little or insignificant, investigate it.


  • As a parent, watch the use of language of words you use over your children. The power of life and death lies in our tongue, use it wisely. Watch and caution yourself when next you are forced to say a negative on your child. Instead say a word of prayer for him/her. When things are going well, pray and also when things are going in the other way around.


  • God knows your name; He knows my name. He knows you and everything about you. How much joy can you imagine knowing that God knows me by my name – Mary Ayodeji Talabi. The question you should ask yourself then is – Do you know Him? It is when you know Him that your life will be meaningful and worthwhile. You can have everything in this world, but if you have not Jesus, all you have is nothing. You are not a mistake.

You can have everything going well for you, be successful and still be empty.


  • Am I living to please God? Am I making glad the heart of my Father?


Take a step of faith

  • God chastise those He loves. We are often to quick to conclude that every challenge we face is a problem. God is our maker. As a clay is in the hands of a potter so we are in His hands. If He knows that a challenge or trial will make us better or focused Him, He won’t hesitate to bring it your way just so you could find your way back to Him and rely on Him.


  • Believe in yourself. Mike Abayomi Bamiloye was only joking when he told his guardian that he will soon be shown on Television only for his guardian mother to say Amen. So, I say to you – Believe in yourself. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. So, go after your dream. Do not give anyone the chance to belittle your dreams. Do not allow anybody to despise your vision. Dream high! Aim high! Hold on to it. God did not create you to live a life of mediocrity, so I charge you to bring out the best in you. Chase after your dream courageously. Believe in YOU!!!


If you can dream it you can achieve it

  • The Scriptures says that there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is destruction. Just because you feel right doesn’t mean it’s from God. Keep in mind that not every open door is from God. The enemy sometimes opens a door of lesser worth just to deceive and confuse you because he knows that God is preparing something for you. I’ll explain better – When the enemy knows that God wants to give you a cheque of N2 million naira, he will give you a cheque of N200,000. Do not be a fool that will settle for something lesser. You deserve better dear.

Just because it is good doesn't mean it is from God


  • There will be trials and challenges on the way. You will be experienced the road in wilderness and troubles. On the path, you will find loopholes, gallops, hills and valleys and mountains. God never promised that the journey will always be smooth. He never promised there will never be problems. But He did promise us one thing – His presence. So, fear not, He has overcome the world for our sake. Go into the world courageously and triumph!


  • Do not be overwhelmed. You will be making a big mistake if you expect everyone to support or follow your dream or ministry. Not everybody will understand your ministry. Not everybody will see things as you do. The moment you decide to follow your dream or ministry, challenges will rise on every side. People will even persecute you.


  • Lean on God. In all your endeavors, keep your focused on Him. Do not trust in man. Man may fail you; they may disappoint you but if your focus is on God you can never be disappointed. If it’s all about Jesus, you cannot be disappointed.


  • Waiting Room. It is a tradition in recent times to keep a man or a lady in the waiting room. In the waiting room, no-one is allowed to go out neither is anyone prevented from coming in as long as the room is not empty. Lol. Do not hold on to a man/lady for the intention of keeping them as a back up should incase the original plan fails. Who does that? Lol. Many people do right. Having back up spouse(s) is a clear sign that you haven’t gotten the plan of God for your life. When you trust God completely, you let Him take the full ride driving you to the destination He wishes. When you trust God to guide you, you can never be disappointed. You cannot trust God and have a PLAN B.


  • I want to ask you a question – What’s the craziest thing you can do for God? If God ask you to do something that you’d consider foolish, will you go ahead?


  • I love the fact that Daddy Mike Bamiloye dated the beginning of his ministry to be the date Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye said yes to be His wife. A wife is a help meet in every way for the husband. The Scripture says, “One will chase a thousand while two will chase ten thousand”.


  • There can be so many what-if(s) that comes to our mind when we are determined to do follow a dream or carry out an instruction from God. What if nobody believed me? What if my family deserted me? What if I wasn’t given an opportunity? What if I was sent away? Above all what-if(s), know that God is with you. All you need to do is to take a step of faith and lines will begin to fall in place for you.


  • Who are your team members? Yes, who are the people you are claiming to lead? Do you share the same vision? You’ll remember from the Scriptures that two (2) cannot walk together except they agree. A leader without a vision is no leader. A team can only be united if they share the same vision. It is a great blessing to be surrounded people who are passionate about the same thing (vision) you are passionate about.


  • Prayer first. After prayer keep praying. When you are done, keep praying. There is nothing that is above the power of prayer. If you are really in dire need of a change in a situation, pray about. Prayer does the unthinkable. Prayer brings to life what is not. Prayer is what makes the impossibility in our lives a possibility. Prayer answers all things.


The movie is really a journey of faith.

In every phase of our life, our faith is what carries us onto the next level. Open your heart and your mind to God.

See you.



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