If you usually drink your coffee with lots of cream and sugar in it, you might be surprised at how bitter plain black coffee can taste.

That used to be the story of my life you just read in one sentence. In other words, my life was as bitter as a plain coffee.

Whoever gave me the name “Idunuayomi” must have made a terrible mistake. I should have been called “Mara” instead.

I was on my way to the Omilewe bridge in my town. It has been rumored that the Omilewe bridge was constructed by some foreign government to bridge the gap water has caused. According to the rumor, the water was so deep and wide that nobody comes out alive again after entering the water.

That was the perfect solution to end the question I’ve asked myself a countless times – What have I done wrong?

Maybe if I end my life in that Omilewe bridge, I will be free from all of life’s troubles. Besides, nobody can dare to rescue me. That was my humble thought as I strolled the street leading down to the bridge.

I grew up in a foster family with the constant reminder that nobody knows my father or mother. I never blamed Mummy Korede for treating me with so much contempt. I blamed my mother for leaving me in the cruel hands of the world. Why did she bring me into this world when she was not ready to take care of me? She should have even aborted me before I matured well in her womb.

The day I stood up to fight Korede from raping me like he usually does was the day I was sent out to the street. I had no food to eat nor a home to call shelter. I was only fourteen (14) years old as at that time. I no longer had a family, even if it was a fake family like that of Mummy Korede, I wouldn’t mind again.

I later got to find out there are many of us with no home nor a family. We were our own family and had our home under the bridge where we eat. In the night, we will look for a nearby shop with roofing to sleep till the next morning. When daybreak comes, we resume to our normal day routine – search dustbins to look for leftovers to eat, then smoke till night comes again.

There is no God after all. I mean, how can there be a god and all these things will be happening to me.

I made up my mind to take my life after spending seven (7) years on the street. On my 21st birthday, I concluded there was nothing to live for.

“I will jump into the water from the bridge and that’s all – I will be free finally” I thought.

Alas! I did not know my breakthrough was just around the corner.

“Thank you for loving me too much ooo

Too much o excess love o.” The words were coming out from a church. I think there was a fellowship going on. I thought to myself, “If I could find just one who loved me this much, my life would not be in this mess.

I stopped in my track when I heard this song,

“….. Ore aiye yi le ko mi sile

Sugbon Jesu ko je gbagbe mi…”

I understood Yoruba language perfectly to know that the song is saying that “… a friend in this world can forsake me. Only Jesus can never forsake me. There is no friend like Jesus.”

Curiosity got the better of me as I entered the church to see this Jesus that loved all this people this much.  The people were so engrossed in the Jesus they were singing about. Nobody even noticed a foreigner had entered the auditorium. Hands were in the air and some people were even crying too.

“What kind of love is this?” I thought aloud.

“Greater love had no man than for Jesus to lay down His life for his friends.

If this is not love, then I wonder what it is. ” That man putting on suit at the front seems to be talking to me.

I turned my focus back on the pastor speaking.

“Even though your father and your mother had forsaken you, Jesus will never leave you.

He loves you this much to die for you.

He loves you even before you were born. He created you for a purpose.

There is no mountain He won’t break down, no wall He won’t tear just to come after you.

There is no shadow He won’t light up to get to you.

His love for you is so overwhelming.

So divine”

I moved forward to where this man was standing and said to him, “I have fallen in love with your Jesus. Can I meet him?”

To you, my dear brothers and sisters reading this, I just want you to know that Jesus truly loves you. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy. Do not give the enemy chance to take hold of your life.

I won’t lie to you. I had peace and the love of Christ flowing and flooding my heart. It is not going to be easy. The road is not always going to be straight. Hold on to Him tightly.

Put your life in the hands of a trusted friend.

His name is Jesus.


  1. Adedayo

    A worthy time to know and understand how he speaks to our heart. He uses all Avenue to minister to us at our down time. An open heart hears him.
    Thanks for this piece.

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